Natural Casings

With over 40 years combined experience in cleaning and selecting natural sausage casings from within Australia and New Zealand, we pride ourselves on providing well-priced, quality products. From hog casings, chitterling or bladders to sheep casings or beef bungs, we have something for every sausage creation. All our sausage casings are free from chemicals, additives or colouring so you can be confident they are ‘au-naturel’.

Synthetic Casings

If you’d like to avoid the smell of natural casings and gain improved consistency over size, appearance and cooking performance then look no further than synthetic casings. We offer a vast range of man-made casings for fresh, smoked and cured sausages.

Netting & Twine

For your tying and drying needs we source all our netting and twine directly from the manufacturer to ensure your sausage and salami remains in good shape.


An ever-growing selection of local and imported ingredients to help you create the perfect sausage.


We pride ourselves on personally visiting all manufacturers of the sausage making equipment we have on offer, so we can ensure you’re getting the finest quality machinery at a fair price. 

Sausage Books

An ever-growing selection of sausage making books to help you create the perfect sausage.


Over time we've had a number of clothing pieces made for our sales team and special customers. Now it's time to share our brand with you!