Herbs and Spices

Need to spice up your sausage. Why not try one of our thirty bulk spices and taste the difference.  

Allspice (Ground)

7.90 NZD

Caraway Seed

4.90 NZD

Cardamom Seed (Ground)

6.90 NZD

Cayenne Pepper

6.10 NZD

Chilli Powder

6.90 NZD

Cinnamon (Ground)

8.75 NZD

Coriander Leaves

3.80 NZD

Coriander Seed (Whole)

3.20 NZD

Cumin Seed (Ground)

3.50 NZD

Fennel Seed (Ground)

4.90 NZD

Garlic Powder

7.50 NZD

Ginger (Ground)

4.30 NZD

Juniper Berries

31.20 NZD


27.10 NZD

Marjoram Leaves (Rubbed)

10.10 NZD


4.20 NZD

Mustard Seed (Ground)

3.10 NZD

Mustard Seed (Whole)

3.10 NZD

Nutmeg (Ground)

13.10 NZD

Onion Powder

3.40 NZD

Oregano Leaves

10.80 NZD

Paprika (Smoked)

8.50 NZD

Peppercorns (Black)

13.10 NZD

Peppercorns (White)

12.90 NZD

Porcini Powder

17.50 NZD

Rosemary Leaves

4.50 NZD

Sage Leaves (Rubbed)

9.80 NZD

Thyme Leaves (Rubbed)

7.90 NZD

Tumeric (Ground)

6.10 NZD