Fibrous casings are made from plant cellulose, are non-edible and tied off at one end to form a sock-like shape. They are best suited for making dry-cured sausages such as salami, bologna or mortadella to name a few. They can also be lightly smoked due to the small holes on the surface that allow moisture, air and smoke to penetrate the casing. Soak fibrous casings in ambient temperature water for 30 minutes before using. Made to our specifications in Sydney. 

All fibrous casings are clipped, looped and tied at one end to make production easy.

Soak for two minutes in ambient temperature water prior to use.

Non-edible casings used for salami or smoked sausage production.

Store fibrous casings in a dark, cool environment.

Small holes allow the casing to breath ensuring the filling cures or absorbs smoke evenly.