Meat Culture CHR Hansen Bactoferm Mold-600

Meat Culture CHR Hansen Bactoferm Mold-600

The Bactoferm range contains starter cultures for traditionally and fast fermented meat products. Mold-600 is a meat culture which produces a white/light grayish appearance on the surface of molded dried sausages, and a well pronounced mushroom flavour and aroma. With high humidity and optimum temperature, Mold-600 is fast growing, and produces a dense, short white surface coverage with an even appearance (typically found in France). It provides good ability to control the surface flora and suppress the growth of undesirable organisms such as indigenous moulds, yeasts and bacteria. 

Culture Composition: Penicillium Nalgiovense

Dosage: 25g for 10L. One pouch (25g) is mixed into 1-2L of tap water at approximately 20oC and equilibrated for 2 hours at room temperature. The suspension should then be diluted in 10L of tap water. It is now ready for use. This can be sprayed onto the surface or dipped. Stir the suspension continually to avoid settling of spores during this process. Use all the solution on the day of preparation. 

Storage: Freezer (-17-1oC), travelling at ambient temperature.

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